Meeting Info

In-Meeting Info

In our groups there will be a host who manages the meeting overall, plus a production person who will help online things go smoothly in the background and to solve any technical issues should they arise.

You can join the meeting 15 minutes beforehand so you can settle in and say hello to other attendees.

Meeting Structure

An outline of the meeting looks like this, which we can flex to meet the needs of the group on any given session.

  • Join Meeting (up to 15 minutes before meeting starts)
  • Meeting Starts with Agenda
  • Breakout session#1
  • Regroup
  • 5 minute break (90 minute sessions only)
  • Breakout session #2
  • Regroup for feedback, plenary and Development tasks
  • Meeting ends with extra optional 15 minutes afterwards for debriefing and reflections


We can record the entire session and a link to this will be emailed to you within a couple of days after the meeting.

Breakout rooms are where you get to practice facilitating and need to be recorded separately (there’s a button that invites you to press record), if you wish to have a copy of your session for assessment purposes or if you want to look back over a session for learning and development.

Please note that the recordings of session and breakout rooms are for use by the group only AND for certification evidence for the course assessors. Please do not share outside of the group unless express permission has been given by the everyone involved.

Post-Meeting Info

We will share a link to the recordings taken during the session by email within a couple of days of the meeting, which will include a transcript of the anything that was written in the group chat, plus any photos of flipcharts.

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