Information For Participants

The information is in 3 parts

  1. Pre-Meeting
  2. In-Meeting
  3. Post-Meeting

We use Zoom for our online meetings, which we currently find provides the best experience for online practice.

1. Pre-Meeting Info

Technical Stuff

Creating a good experience for everyone in an online setting is partly determined by the audio quality, internet connection, setting and back ground noise of everyone in the group. So with this in mind we have some guidelines that can help:

  1. Wear headphones rather than use the external speaker on your computer (AirPods work well if you have them, or wired headphones)
  2. Having a separate microphone can improve sound quality – they are often integrated with headphones
  3. Position your camera so any light source is either to the side or in front of you so we can all see each other clearly (avoid having a light or window behind you otherwise we may only see your silhouette) and that your head is well positioned in the middle of screen
  4. Clean your camera lens
  5. Reduce background noise in your room by closing curtains (which held reduce echoing) and shutting any doors.
  6. Avoid using a phone, as the screen is too small to see people in the group and read the chat. Laptops, tablets or PCs all work well.
  7. Mute or switch off your phone for calls and notifications
  8. Switch off Alexa or Siri as we find they can join in unexpectedly

Technical Support

If you are new to Zoom or haven’t used it for while it’s helpful to have some idea of how it works and its features beforehand.

New to Zoom? Firstly hop over to and sign up to the app and watch their video tutorials here so you can familiarise yourself with how it works in advance of the meeting.

Want some extra support? We offer a brief online checkup where you can video conference with us to go over your set up and we can show you the bits of Zoom that we’ll be using in the session. Book a session here or on the Video Conferencing Checkup tab.

Meeting Links

You will receive the Zoom link, plus a couple of reminders via email, once you have registered.

2. In-Meeting Info

In our groups there will be a host/facilitator who manages the meeting overall, plus a someone with their eye on the production who will help online things go smoothly in the background and to solve any technical issues should they arise.

You can join the meeting 10 minutes beforehand so you can settle in and say hello to other attendees.


Sessions can be recorded depending on the nature of the group.

We use the breakout room feature in Zoom for smaller group activities and it is possible to record the content of the breakout rooms, although you’ll need to request permission from the host of the Zoom Meeting.

3. Post-Meeting Info

If it is appropriate for the particular session you have attended, we will share a link to the recordings taken during the session by email within a couple of days of the meeting, which will include a transcript of the anything that was written in the group chat, plus any photos of flipcharts.

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