Systemic Modelling Principles, Practice & Support Online

Free of charge
By the community, for the community
Supported & organised by Amphora Solutions Ltd.

Friendly, Free, Practice and Support

We share a passion for Systemic Modelling (developed by Caitlin Walker of Training Attention) and Clean Language (developed by the late David Grove).
We run weekly groups online (via Zoom) where we practice, experiment, showcase and discuss.
Do come and join us!

For everyone


Open to everyone, especially people who might not have had any experience of Systemic Modelling before and want to learn more.

In these sessions, one or more Systemic Modelling trainees will run themes and other aspects of Systemic Modelling. It is a great way for students to practice their craft, or learn more by being a participant. Each session is run on Systemic Modelling principles so it’s also an example of the work in action.

Hosted by experienced Systemic Modelling practitioners these sessions are fast paced and fun. Facilitation slots are open to those who are current students of Systemic Modelling.

For students and practitioners


We welcome people who have attended a Clean for Teams and/or are active students of Systemic Modelling, as well certified practitioners.

There’s no fixed agenda to these sessions, we see what the group wants to have happen. Bring your emergent self along with anything you’d like support with.

Designed to support the study, practice and real life application of Systemic Modelling and Clean Language in groups.

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