Programme Update for Autumn/Fall 2021

It’s been more than 2 years now since we first launched our community of practice for Systemic Modelling and related Clean Language disciplines.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every session and all the people we’ve got to meet and learn with from across the globe. We also know we’re not along in finding them tremendous resource especially in the turbulence of COVID times.

It’s been a real privilege to host each and everyone of you, so we’d like to start with a massive thank you for being part of this community.

We’ve been reviewing our data and feedback from participants and wanted to let you know about some changes we’re making to the Systemic Modelling sessions we offer.

The nature of both the practice groups and peer support have been evolving and developing over the two years since we started, as both the community and our own needs have changed. With this in mind, we will continue to offer two types of sessions, with some things staying the same and some differences which we’ll share below.

One main thing to note that is common to both sessions is that there will be more of a “Clean in business” and a “business of Clean” focus.

Both sessions continue to be sponsored by Amphora and are free of charge.

Practice Groups

The mix of people coming to the practice groups has changed over time and we have more “Clean and Systemic Modelling Curious” participants and a diminishing number of students of Systemic Modelling wanting to practice. We hear how much participants enjoy the fun, welcoming environment and the rich, stimulating conversations and insights. So, with this in mind, we are shifting the focus of the practice group to more of a Special/Shared Interest Group for people who want to know and learn more about the use and application of Clean approaches in business and workplace settings.

What’s the same about the practice groups?

These sessions are still open to anyone interested in using Clean Language and/or Systemic Modelling in Business/Groups/Teams, such as consultants, team coaches, team and group leaders and facilitators from other disciplines.

Sessions will still:

  • Be a live example of the practice of Systemic Modelling facilitation in action
  • Have an emergent agenda based on the wants of the group
  • Include a Q&A element
  • Have the option of Meta-commenting
  • Be an opportunity to see practise or tools demonstrated
  • Provide a space for students of Systemic Modelling nearing certification to practice
  • Have dates, times and cadence to suit global audience
  • Run for 90 minutes via Zoom

What’s new about the practice groups?

  • Change of name to “Special Interest Group
  • Now wider than just Systemic Modelling and will include anything you might use in an organisation or workplace (e.g. Systemic Modelling-inspired Facilitation, Clean Space, Clean Language, Clean Interviewing)
  • We’ll also cover the overlap in specific areas or practice such as Agile/ORSC/OD/Team Coaching
  • Addition of monthly, business related, themes woven into our usual emergent co-created agenda

Peer Support

What’s the same about Peer Support sessions?

These sessions will still be open to professionals who have some Clean training and are using Clean Language and Systemic Modelling tools in a organisational or business context (not 121 therapy or coaching). You might be a freelance coach, consultant or facilitator; an in-house coach or facilitator; a team or senior leader.

Sessions will continue to be:

  • A place to hang out, meet and network with other colleagues who are using Clean in their work or workplace
  • Where we can support one another in the everyday practicalities of taking Clean-related work out into the world via facilitation, training, consulting such as:
    • Contracting
    • Getting gigs
    • Preparing for gigs
    • Supporting one another being a commercial success as a Clean practitioner in a business
    • Sales and Marketing guidance
  • Provide opportunities to network and form collaborations
  • Have the offer for tech support and guidance for online sessions
  • Have dates, times and cadence to suit global audience
  • Run for 60 minute via Zoom

What’s new about Peer Support?

  • Name changed to “Practitioner Peer Support
  • Not officially facilitated, so bring your own!
  • Option to invite expert guests (fees may apply)

We look forward to welcoming you and continuing to develop the use of Clean Language and Systemic Modelling in the workplace and everyday situations.

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