Opening up “Peer Support” to Clean for Teams Graduates

We’re changing the eligibility criteria for the “Peer Support” groups we run. We welcome “current students of Systemic Modelling” to peer support which we’ve historically interpreted as having done a Rolling Programme or about to go on one.

Upon reflection that interpretation is too tight – there are people going to Clean for Teams and then taking this work into their work lives and some may have no intention of attending a Rolling Programme anytime soon, and some who might.

We think it is appropriate to invite everyone who has done Clean for Teams to Peer Support – we’ll all benefit from a wider pool of experience. For Clean for Teams graduates being exposed to the application of Systemic Modelling principles and practices might help them see the benefit of attending further Systemic training.

Going forward we’ll keep tweaking the eligibility criteria to respond to a growing community. If you run or know of a course that you think might cause someone to be eligible do let us know.

The “Practice Groups” we run continue to be open to everyone. If you want to practice delivering something we continue to require you to have done at least one Rolling Programme, and if you want to deliver a “twist” on a standard Systemic Modelling model or theme, we’ll want to have seen you deliver the “straight” version first before you get creative.

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