Clean Language
& Systemic Modelling in Business
Practice &
Support Online
Free of charge
By the community, for the community
Supported & organised by Amphora Solutions Ltd.


Our Passion

We share a passion for Systemic Modelling (developed by Caitlin Walker of Training Attention) and Clean Language (developed by the late David Grove).

We run regular groups online (via Zoom) where we practice, experiment, showcase and discuss.





For Everyone

Special Interest Group

Open to everyone, especially people who might not have had any experience of Systemic Modelling or the use of Clean Language with groups and teams before and want to learn more.

Led by a certified Professional Systemic Modelling Facilitator, these sessions are a place to see the Clean for groups and teams tools in practice, such as Systemic Modelling facilitation, Clean Space, Clean Language, Clean Interviewing. We co-create and run an emergent session that is based on the wants and wishes of the participants that is guided by a monthly topic that has a work and business related focus.

It’s a great to experience first hand the practices and principles you may have read, heard about or experienced at a conference or some other place. You will also have access to some of the team at Amphora Solutions Ltd (the company behind these groups) which has had Clean Language and Systemic Modelling principles integrated into its culture and operations for over 18 years. As each session is run on Systemic Modelling principles, it’s also an example of this part of Clean in action.

Fast-paced, interesting and fun, every session is different and learning is at the heart of each and every one. 

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For students & practitioners

Practitioner Peer Support

We welcome people who are using any of the Clean-based approaches in their workplace, as well as students of Systemic Modelling, and certified practitioners.

There’s no fixed agenda to these sessions, we see what the group wants to have happen. Bring your emergent self along with anything you’d like support with.

Designed to support the study, practice and real-life application of Systemic Modelling and Clean Language in groups and teams.

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